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Only the following circumstances generate reimbursement:
  1. Not receiving the apartment that was offered or one with the same characteristics and services.  
  2. Not having the services included in the description. 
  3. Force majeure or fortuitous event.
In order to present a valid claim for reimbursement, each of the following conditions must be met:
  1. It must be requested only by the guest who booked the Accommodation within a maximum period of 24 hours counted from the time of check in or 24 hours from the time the non-compliance with the service offered occurred.
  2. The guest must have allowed the company to make the necessary improvements to satisfy the object of the complaint. For this, the guest must prove that he/she contacted the reservation agents through any of the available communication channels or by coming personally to the offices.
  3. The guest must make the claim for reimbursement in writing to comercial@unikcartagena.com and provide the relevant information (including photographs and other evidence) and the means by which he/she contacted the company. The holder must respond to any request for additional information or cooperation regarding the request.
  4. Only if the company, in spite of trying to remedy the non-conformities, does not comply with the services sold, will the complaint be considered.
  5. The guest may not have directly or indirectly caused the object of the complaint (by action, omission or negligence).
  6. In the event of an act of God or force majeure, the guest who reserved the Lodging must provide in writing the necessary evidence that proves the existence of the event that prevented him from making use of his reservation or the event that generated the interruption of the same.